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Area of Effort

Sciences of Reading Development

Imagine if civil engineers were never taught the science of structural load, tension, compression.

Alas, far too many schools of education have prepared teachers without giving them the equivalent:

Forty years of interdisciplinary science confirm what teachers traditionally knew.

We work alongside K-3 teachers, reading specialists, college professors, and others to increase understanding of how all kids can learn to read.

The Ten Skills

At a minimum, every child should have the chance to master, without extra cost, the Ten Skills of Reading development.


Science of Reading--The App

For anyone--parents, teachers, community members, admins, advocates, ed-school faculty--who ought better understand how ALL kids can read.

We envision an open source reference app for anyone needing the Science of Reading.

This means free to all, forkable by developers, customizable by users, adaptable to user needs.


Available now:

Teen Literacy Team / Credentials

As part of High School Remixed, we work toward reading science credentials for teens: (Black) Teen Literacy Matters

Area of Effort

Curricular Freedom, Transparency, Adaptability

In 2020, people of all walks began to awaken to what's been happening--and not happening--in schools.

This built on a gut feeling held everywhere that schools were not truly adapting to the connected world.

We work to use modern tools to inject transparency throughout the K-16 spectrum.

In many ways, education now stands where the software industry did in 1995.

The cultural shift that happened in software gave rise to a raft of tools, processes, and attitudes which enabled that culture and it's immense productivty.

We call many of these "open source" tools. They're widely cited in K12.

They're not yet used as they should be.

Area of Effort

High School Next

It's time to stop bemoaning high school, and start implementing the next systemic revision.

The tools--legal, tech, institutional--are already in place.

Charles Eliot's 150 year old vision needs an update no large organization has yet embraced.

We're ready to start implementing today.

Returning High School to 1870

Charles Eliot would embrace a new systemic model, not a 150-year-old one.

Railroad construction. Alfred A. Hart
Railroad construction. Alfred A. Hart

Build a New System, Not 2000 New School Models.

Eliot the Chemist, and Carnegie the telegrapher, might urge us to use 2020s' innovations to empower students, teachers, employers, and community members.

As Eliot then offered greatly expanded choice in courses, he might today ask how we can empower teens with an explosion of vetted, tested, well-designed micro-paths.

The wealth of learning (and networking) opportunities for today’s teens is just staggering. From the land surveying, structure-building, and hydraulic skills of Eliot’s day to the emerging fields of biomimicry, additive manufacturing, and personal or construction robotics.

These admirers of then-new train tables and railway time might also ask if tools like open badges, LRNG, Meetup, GitHub, and Trello can help iterate better, more agile, more compelling, learning experiences. "

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Cleaving the Gordian Knot

Many have addressed this challenge. Here's where we part company.

Sir Ken, Science, and the False Meccas of High School Transformation
Part IA: Sir Ken Is a Twit
Sir Ken, Science, and the False Meccas of High School Transformation
Part IIIB: The Too-Narrow Targets of Systems Thinking

High School Remixed

Toward a more responsive, transparent, high school experience

A curricular innovation process, founded on open-sourced micro-crentials.

Explore our courses in early release


Book: Hacking High School--Making School Work for Every Teen

It's not quite the book we'd write today. Yet it's held up rather well.

How could high school be better customized to meet students' needs? This succinct survey lays out the possibilities and a process to make it real.

Available now:  

HS Course: Designing the High School of the Future

As part of High School Remixed, a course for teens to take on this design themselves: Course 2: High School of the Future

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